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Under the overall guidance of the Government of Sudan, Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) and the State of Qatar, the UNDP was requested to create a Darfur Joint Assessment Mission (DJAM) Team1  to take over all technical and logistical coordination and to produce all necessary outputs for the International Donor’s Conference for Darfur. To support the preparation process 3 committees were created: the first, a Government of Sudan and DRA Committee for overall guidance and sharing information; the second, a Steering Committee chaired by Qatar with members from UNDP, WB, Government of Sudan, United Nations/African Union Hybrid Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) and the DRA; and the third, a Planning and Coordination Committee chaired by the DRA Minister of Reconstruction and Development with members from UNDP, World Bank, UNAMID, African Development Bank, EU, DfID and USAID.


Special technical support for the DJAM was provided by the WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank, USAID, UNWOMEN, UNAMID, UNHCR, UNOPS, UNHabitat, African Development Bank, FAO, WFP, UNIDO and UNEP through ten specially created thematic working groups. Technical support to determine the costing was provided by the University of Khartoum. Assistance in organising and implementing the five state consultations was provided by focal persons appointed by each State Government.2


Additionally, the UNDP and the World Bank worked closely on the funding mechanism and results framework.


Funding for the DJAM was provided by USAID, UNAMID, UNDP and UKAID. Logistical support was provided by UNAMID, UNDP and DfID through UNDP/CRMA.


Website support has been provided by Hussein Elrayah, Waleed Obyed, Omer Rahem and Margaret Zimmerman.


1: The expanded DJAM Team includes – Marte Svare, Hanna Schmitt, Aden Ali, Ariel Rubin and Karin Enskog Ali. For a full list of all who have been involved in the DJAM process, please see the Darfur Development Strategy List of Contributors.

2: The State Focal persons were North Darfur: Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Hamid, (Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC)); South Darfur: HE Minister Dr. Ibrahim Dhukeri, (State Ministry of Agriculture) and Mr. Mohammed Doud of the State Ministry of Finance Planning Unit; East Darfur: Mr. Siddig Abdul Nabe (Wali Advisor); West Darfur: Mr. Osman Adam; Central Darfur: Ms. Hawa (HAC).


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